BooBoo's STORY

BooBoo was born November 16th, 2000 in Jacksonville, Oregon. Boo  is a Lhasa Apso.

We adopted BooBoo when he was about 6 months old from a Navy family  stationed in Fallon.  They were expecting their second child and didn't have time to take care of a full of life puppy.

BooBoo's favorite pastime is sitting in our front bedroom window and keep an eye out for cats.

Lhasa Apso's are known for liking to climb on things, BooBoo is no exception. We have to keep chairs away from our patio table, or he will climb on the table so he can see over our fence.

He is the second youngest of our four pups. The youngest being Sarah.

The oldest is Gideon, a Yorkie, he was born July 25th 1995.  Gideon was born in Stage Coach, Nevada.

Jake, also a Yorkie was born June 2nd 1997. Our next door neighbor gave him to us when he was a few months old. Dorothy took care of him and his brothers and sisters frequently from the day he was born.

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