KFAT Radio 94.5 Gilroy, California

KFAT Radio was a classic of its era - one-of-a-kind. I worked there from 1979 until January 1983 as the Gilroy studio engineer. I've dug into the archives and found some goodies. KFAT is gone but not forgotten. Enjoy.

Live broadcast mid-morning Thursday March 4, 1982 (AAC)
Amy Airheart 1 - 46 minutes       Amy Airheart 2 - 46 minutes

Amy knew I was taping her. I sent 10 cassettes overseas to an Air Force Sergeant in Germany so the troops could listen to KFAT. Sergeant Downing brought this one cassette back from Bitburg, Germany years later, and I copied it on the spot. You'll hear references to Germany on side 1, and this is why.

Fat Frys live at the Keystone in Palo Alto:
Chuck Wagon and the Wheels live at the Keystone in Palo Alto -  1981
(You Tube) Fat Fry #1    Fat Fry #2

(MP3) Peter Rowan live at the Keystone in Palo Alto -  1979

THE KFAT/KPIG SHRINE - website with pictures and audio

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Here's a rare shot of the people who took over from KFAT after January 1983. The burlap covered plywood letters are long gone as is the El Paseo de Saratoga shopping center where this picture was taken. KWSS was in turn "eaten" by another big corporation in 1991 and became K-FOX. The KWSS sales manager Dayton Philips and receptionist Shirley Sanchez standing on the right side have both passed away. GM Palmer Pyle (green cap/white shirt on the left) played pro-football with the Colts, Vikings, and Oakland Raiders from 1960-66 - he convinced Nationwide Corporation to keep me on as engineer after KFAT, so he's my hero. 

In the KWSS photo from left to right are Kevin O'Brien (AE-sales), Palmer Pyle (GM-manager), George Moody (AE-sales), Mark Durkin (AE-sales), Kim Borden (traffic director), Dave Van Stone (program director), Robin Kipps - seated (music director), Gordon Pirie (AE-sales), Bill Kelly (morning team), Al Klein (morning team), Shirley Sanchez (receptionist), Dayton Philips (sales manager). This photo was on the KWSS 1983 Christmas card. 
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Other historic radio station information and audio:
KCFR, Denver, Colorado (at the beginning in 1970)

KSFR, San Francisco, California (1958-1968)

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Y'all hear now...if you really love something - radio station, person, era in time, anything - make sure you love it all the way right then and there because it won't last forever.


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